Band History

Horndean, once a small village, is now part of a busy urban area, about six miles north of Portsmouth.

The Band was formed in November 1979 as part of the local youth club. A full range of instruments gradually replaced the original drums and bugles and the Band is now a fully chromatic wind band, supported by a Corps of Drums.

Whilst the Band was originally very much a youth band, it has since been opened up to a much wider age range and is now a predominantly adult band with many of the original youth members still involved, some with over 20 years of service!

First known as Horndean Marching Band,  the Band changed its’ name to Horndean Band in 1999, to reflect a more versatile image. As well as turning out a spectacular parade Band, concerts, bandstands and ensemble work are now a regular feature of performances.


Band Photos